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the ladies

Lindsey + Charlie 0134.jpg
Lindsey Fasnacht
Matron of Honor

Lindsey is Jessica’s older sister - sometimes even wiser! Jessica is lucky to have a role model and best friend to grow up behind. Even when Jessica crashed her secret treehouse events or followed Linds around at parties, she still tolerated her. The pair were lucky enough to get to overlap for a year in college and Lindsey took Jessica along to every game her freshman year. She’s the best big sister you could ask for!

Ask her about: How Jessica’s name was chosen, the time a cousin home magic show went awry, all things home design and DIY, life raising twin toddlers.

Jenna Early

Jessica first met Jenna at Kindergarten orientation. On the first day of school, Jessica cried after spilling chocolate milk on herself and Jenna distracted her with fun toys. They’ve had each other’s back ever since! Despite many changes over the years, including the emo phase, they have always had a special place in each other’s life and have been able to pick up like no time has passed.

Ask her about: The time she and Jessica threw a Bill and Ted’s most excellent adventure themed party, growing up on a dairy farm, the best breweries in Roanoke, raising little Natalie!

Abby Sapp

Abby and Jessica are cousins born 20 days apart and were affectionately referred to as “the twins” growing up. Jessica’s favorite 2 weeks of the summer was always the time spent together on their family beach trip followed by a visit from their Florida cousins Abby and Aaron in Virginia! Together they starred in home movies, American girl doll plays, and Oboe/Sax/Clarinet/French Horn concerts and were even pen pals.

Ask her about: How she and Jessica tricked their dads into thinking they were the opposite person, Italian greyhounds, all things enneagram, life as a new mom!

Madeline Wacker

Madeline lived across the hall from Jessica during their freshman year at Virginia Tech. The 2 first bonded when they both dressed as Disney princesses for a freshman Halloween party. Ah, college. They quickly decided to become roommates in their first apartment sophomore year and kept it up through senior year. Over the years  they have shared many laughs, a few tears, accidentally shoes, and numerous meals - most notably on the Amalfi Coast of Italy!

Ask her about: How she and Jessica almost incriminated themselves in a freshman year cone incident, her favorite travel destination, how much research goes into a Bachelor fantasy league bracket.

Catie Sheehy

Catie and Jessica met when they both pledged Delta Sigma Pi  their sophomore year at VT. They have shared numerous memories, some while living together in both senior year of college and in Arlington, VA following graduation. Catie introduced Jessica to one of her favorite events, Howl-O-Scream, egged on living room dance parties, and is truly the hostess with the mostest, hosting some of Jessica’s favorite evenings catching up over a craft cocktail and getting deep on patios.

Ask her about: How much glitter she and Jessica spread over DC in an epic DIY Halloween costume, how to perfect an 8-count, her top podcast of the week.

Emily Loose

Emily and Jessica met on their first day of training at Deloitte in 2013. Emily is the reason Jessica made so many fast friends at the beginning of their lives in DC, convincing her to attend the wonderful get togethers she would help plan. They have shared too many brunches to count, probably novels worth of Skype pings detailing their wins and frustrations, and are some of each other's favorite travel buddies and styling consultants!

Ask her about: The time they trained with a friend for a Mt. Everest hike in Dallas, her go-to Starbucks order, Zoom calls with surprise guest appearances from Mo.

the gents

Jon pt. 2.jpg
Jon Nenner
Best Man

Jon is Mike’s younger and somehow taller brother. Growing up they would play almost every game imaginable together, with only some of them ending in fights (Let the record show Mike thinks he’s never lost). They went to summer camp together at Camp Nock-A-Mixon and Mike realized when Jon was getting picked on he was very protective of his lil bro and proceeded to jump kick the bully in the stomach (at least that’s how he remembers it). Even though Jon went to JMU instead of VT, Mike & Jon remain close with Jon following Mike to DC, and to Deloitte so that now they can skype each other instead of texting.

Ask him about: Fiores Deli, The time he saved Mike from a building foundation, how to keep your passport safe and valid, making hot sauces, any type of candy

Matt Thomas

Matt aka “Matt the Guy” was part of the roommate squad senior year in college and is quietly one of the funnier people you’ll ever meet. Although rumor has it, he probably got his jokes from Dave. During college he was normally found lounging in the comfy chair with a bubba keg full of water recovering from the shenanigans of the previous night (at least I think it was water). Matt and Mike share a love of snowboarding and are the only people to have completed the hot one’s wing challenge twice.

Ask him about: The thing about DJ Moore, Golf Sidekick, Hot Lolas, the time he tried to hit a golf ball over our apartment building in college

Brent 2_edited.jpg
Brent Ashley

Brent, aka PB, aka President Brent, was Mike’s longest tenured roommate at Virginia Tech. Talk to PB and you’ll learn he can charm anyone, and being the SGA President of our Class it was no surprise he was able to get the Roanoke Street Apartment Complex to break down the barrier wall and join two apartments together so that Dave, Matt, and Mike could all live together. 

Ask him about: Growing up in Delaware, his love of Souvlakis, his potential future in politics, that one time he cooked bear meat for the roommates in college.

Mike Greene.jpg
Mike Greene

Mike Nenner met Mike Greene back at Beth Emeth Hebrew School in the early days. They probably bonded over having the same name…(pretty easy to make friends back then lol). The Greene’s and the Nenner’s became close family friends and attended football games, barbecues, and spent almost every Jewish holiday at one or the other’s house. Mike and Mike were competitive (in a the best way) for their whole lives; going to the same school, getting nearly identical GPA’s, being the same height, having the same name, playing each other in sports, the list goes on and on. Their similarities continued as Mike Greene got engaged a couple months before Mike Nenner and now they will both be having weddings only a few weeks apart! 

Ask him about: His dog “Bear”, smoking meats, running through the Nenner’s basement wall when they were kids, breaking Mike’s tooth mere weeks before his bar-mitzvah.

David DeLorimier

Dave “Young Cheesecake” DeLorimier, is part of the college roommate squad and shared the bathroom with Mike, not an easy feat back in the college days where hygiene was not at an all time high. Despite their messy apartment they fostered a strong friendship for their mutual advancement by research and practice. If that phrase sounded a little weird to you, you may not have been a part of their business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. Their mutual love of Dave Matthews band helped to found an annual (or almost annual) pilgrimage to watch the band all the way in Washington. Jess and Mike also visited Dave and his wife Kristen when they taught English in Thailand!

Ask him about: RVs and Scooters, how to maximize your credit card points, how much beer to buy at Fred Meyer, the piggy gang

Charlie Fasnacht

Charlie is Lindsey’s Husband and Mike’s future Brother In-Law. Mike and Charlie share a love for peanut butter whiskey (if you’ve never had screwball it’s incredible!), golfing, and sharing in the many Bertholf family traditions. Whether it's in DC, Roanoke/Salem, or Myrtle good times and good food are always had when they're together..

Ask him about: Basketball, infusing cherries with moonshine, his Iceland adventures, the time he had to fix his toilet in the yard

the little ones

Avery Fasnacht
Flower Girl

Mike and Jess met Avery, Jessica's niece, in November 2018. While their friendship isn't as tenured as some of the other wedding day VIP's, they have embraced quality over quantity. They found a shared love early in the relationship and promoted her to CEO of @DCBucketlister (Chief Eating Officer), the youngest CEO in history. When they asked Avery if she liked flowers, she said no. Nevertheless, they believe she shows great potential to thrive in her new role as  Flower Girl. 

Ask her about: Moana, mac and cheese,  favorite books

Landon Fasnacht
Ring Bearer

Mike and Jess also met Landon, Jessica's nephew, in November 2018, when Landon and Avery upgraded from wombmates to roommates. Landon enjoys looking at photos on Mike and Jess's phones, and even helped Mike out with work on his laptop early on. He was well qualified to become @DCBucketlister's CTO, and though he doesn't love reporting to his sister, their content has never done better. Landon loves Bears, so they're certain he can handle the responsibilities of "Ring Bear".

Ask him about: Daniel Tiger, garbage trucks, cutting down trees



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